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National Gold Consultants has a long and rich history of working with RIAs and providing knowledgeable support in the precious metals and tangible assets investment categories. Rely on NGC for honest, trustworthy support for your gold and silver investments.

Equipping Advisors with Actionable Information on Precious Metals Investing

Financial advisors experience constant pressure ensuring clients receive top portfolio management. As fiduciaries, advisors must be certain that clients’ assets are properly positioned.

Incorporating physical gold and silver into your current sales model ensures consistent practice for your producers, creating overrides for you, the RIA. NGC provides training for your teams, marketers, and agents. Many RIAs find using National Gold Consultants’ proven methods so effective, firms invite us to speak at their agent events. Support your advisors’ practice management by equipping them to stay relevant in front of their clients.

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Your advisors want to have the tools necessary to provide the best financial advice to clients. With NGC, you are giving them access to tangible asset management at its most reliable and trustworthy.

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