Investing money is serious business and if you have questions about the precious metals market, we encourage you to look over our FAQs. Still have questions, contact us today.


What types of storage options are recommended?

When it comes to storage of the Pre-1933 coins, we recommend that the clients store their coins securely in their homes. In the case of an IRA the coins will be stored at the Delaware depository.

How do I track my coin value?

Unfortunately, there is not a perfect answer to this question because, just as the spot price fluctuates throughout the day, so does the supply and demand, which ultimately sets the price of these coins. Because NGC offers to buy back these coins at our cost of acquisition, we cannot create a formula to reflect current values only related to the spot price. Typically, as the spot price rises so does the demand, which increases the value. In times of supply shortages, the price can dramatically increase and in times of ample supply the price will decrease.

Will National Gold Consultants buy back my coins?

Yes, National Gold Consultants is always buying coins and will offer the current acquisition price at any given time to clients.

How long should I be holding my metals?

Typically, our staff will recommend a 3-to-5-year hold on your precious metals. This can vary depending on the specifics of the marketplace, individual client needs and the future forecast of the industry.

Do I take possession of my gold and silver?

Yes, National Gold Consultants will ship the product directly to you unless other arrangements such as storage is requested. Clients will not take possession of purchases through their IRA. Gold and Silver purchased in your IRA will be stored at the Delaware Depository.

Why purchase precious metals from National Gold Consultants?

National Gold Consultants believes precious metals act as wealth insurance in our client’s portfolios and when allocated correctly will protect their purchasing power in times of volatility. We have taken the guess work out of buying gold and silver for our clients by using the best performing and most private types of products.

How does NGC compare to competitors?

National Gold Consultants takes a strategic approach to advisors and clients. There isn’t a “one size fits all” approach when it comes to portfolio management. Every advisor and client have different methods, needs, and preferences. NGC takes the time to discern the specific needs of every client and advisor to be certain the proper allocation and support occur.

We Work With Individual Clients

By recognizing the uniqueness of each financial portfolio and situation, We at NGC understand that each client requires individual diversification techniques.

We Work With Financial Advisors

National Gold Consultants specialize in advisor-based investing. We provide training and assistance so you can knowledgeably and easily act in the best interest of each of your clients as you diversify their portfolios.

We Work With Precious Metal IRAs

Purchasing gold and silver independently can be overwhelming, especially when investing with funds from your IRAs or 401K. We take the time to guide you through one of the most important financial investments you will make.

Put Precious Metals To Work For You

For maximum performance, entrust your tangible asset management to us.