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National Gold Consultants is committed to creating portfolio resiliency in a precarious economy. We are financial-advisor focused because we understand the tremendous responsibility of asset management. NGC assists advisors in fulfilling their fiduciary duty and believe tangible precious metals have a place in every portfolio. Above all, we believe responsibility, integrity and knowledge are paramount when placing clients' wealth in gold and silver.

We prioritize practice management and strive to equip financial advisors with knowledge and tools to both improve existing client relationships and generate new leads. With National Gold Consultants, advisors rise above the competition and maintain relevancy in front of clients.

As one of the nation's only licensed and bonded gold and silver supplier specializing in financial-advisor relationships, we carefully cultivated an enduring business model. In an industry wrought with scams, scandals, and supply shortages, NGC consistently acts in the best interest of clients and advisors.


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Wealth management always comes down to clients. Precious metals belong in every portfolio, but navigating gold and silver purchasing without guidance is dangerous. Whether you are investing your IRA or Non-Qualified Funds, National Gold Consultants assists you in creating resiliency in your investments.

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National Gold Consultants specialize in advisor-based investing. We work with both RIA firms and independent agents. Contact us today to find out if your firm is part of our network or how to obtain OBA status with your current RIA. -We provide training and assistance so you can knowledgeably and easily act in the best interest of each of your clients as you diversify their portfolios.

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RIA Firms

More clients are asking advisors how to invest in precious metals. With our help, your advisors can be fully equipped to make all your clients' investment goals a reality. Partnering with National Gold Consultants allows your advisors to seamlessly include physical gold and silver in client portfolios, creating an additional revenue stream for your firm.  Partnerships range from a simple contract to in-depth trainings both online and in-person.

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Gold and Silver as Household Insurance

With the financial decisions being made by both the U.S. and G20 nations to try and cope with the COVID-19 pandemic and mitigate its fallout, ...
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The Upside in Unemployment

President Trump and other congressional leaders are optimistic about the economy’s ability to bounce back quickly as businesses reopen, while others predict a difficult road ...
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When Will Silver Shine?

Why is silver still trudging along while gold continues to rise toward a forecasted peak of $3,000? It’s a fair question, and one I field ...
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Gold Set to Reach $3000 Per Ounce

Good news is finally rising to the top amid the COVID-19 pandemic and its associated months of bleak public health and economic outlooks. States are ...
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Gold and Silver Prices Are Not What They Seem

If you were to search for the spot price of gold and (especially) silver, you would notice they haven’t done a whole lot. In fact, ...
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Gold Spiked, As Expected

The gold price spiked Sunday night to a price of $1,691.70, nearly breaking through that $1,700 benchmark, but came off a bit as the market ...
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Coronavirus and an Already-Sick Economy

The World Health Organization has declared the outbreak of the coronavirus a global emergency after cases were discovered in more than 25 countries. In an ...
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Negative Interest Rates Coming to the US

Though many people don’t understand what negative interest rates are and even more don’t understand why they are significant, we can be sure that they ...
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Silver in Position to Soar

Everyone seems to be focused solely on gold. With military tensions, a mess of geopolitical issues and record-setting national debt, it is easy to understand why ...
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Happy New Year from all of us at National Gold Consultants! Six days ago, as 2019 counted down to the end, the markets were closed ...
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Comparing the 1929 Crash with Today’s Market

It’s hard to listen to the news today without hearing about our record high stock markets. This is good news, I agree, but record high ...
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Banking Liquidity Crisis Shorts Consumers

Two weeks ago I wrote of the Federal Reserve pumping billions of dollars into the banking system to sustain repurchase agreements in an effort to ...
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The Banking Liquidity Crisis Begins

“Among the tools used by the Federal Reserve System to achieve its monetary policy objectives is the temporary addition or subtraction of reserve balances via ...
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Research Trusts Gold Over Bonds

Most financial advisors who work for the major firms tend to advise clients to have a 60/40 ratio of stocks to bonds. They use the ...
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Writing on the Wall says “Gold”

Gold prices continue to gain momentum and are even gaining mainstream media coverage. Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell continues to help matters by indicating in ...
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Have You Missed the Boat in Gold and Silver?

The Dow is down over 500 points today. Coupled with the recent gains in gold and silver, I have been fielding several phone calls from ...
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Gold Shines Bright With New Highs

The gold market fuse has been lit, boasting new highs for 2019 at $1,532 an ounce. For those of you who are not paying attention, ...
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Gold On The Move

Gold prices have finally broken out of the chains of the range-bound, floor-testing pricing pattern, and have moved north to test new limits. This just ...
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Silver Below Cost But Soon To Shine

First quarter results are in for silver mining companies and the data is alarming. The most profitable silver mining companies are now mining silver at ...
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*Flash Alert*

Gold and silver are moving rapidly to the upside. What a difference a mere day makes! On Wednesday our Federal Reserve changed their language on ...
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What Gold Will Do When They Cut Rates

For many years, barometers have been used in forecasting weather outcomes and patterns. A barometer that has a high reading (meaning high pressure) and is stable, indicates good weather. ...
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NGC assists financial advisors, individual clients, and RIA firms in investing Non-Qualified Funds and IRAs into physical gold and silver. NGC is licensed and bonded through the State of Minnesota and values responsibility and integrity. NGC believes that tangible assets belong in every portfolio.

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