Equipping Advisors for Responsible Wealth Management & Diversification

National Gold Consultants is committed to creating portfolio resiliency in a precarious economy. We are financial-advisor focused because we understand the tremendous responsibility of asset management. NGC assists advisors in fulfilling their fiduciary duty and believe tangible precious metals have a place in every portfolio. Above all, we believe responsibility, integrity and knowledge are paramount when placing clients' wealth in gold and silver.

We prioritize practice management and strive to equip financial advisors with knowledge and tools to both improve existing client relationships and generate new leads. With National Gold Consultants, advisors rise above the competition and maintain relevancy in front of clients.

As one of the nation's only licensed and bonded gold and silver supplier specializing in financial-advisor relationships, we carefully cultivated an enduring business model. In an industry wrought with scams, scandals, and supply shortages, NGC consistently acts in the best interest of clients and advisors.


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Wealth management always comes down to clients. Precious metals belong in every portfolio, but navigating gold and silver purchasing without guidance is dangerous. Whether you are investing your IRA or Non-Qualified Funds, National Gold Consultants assists you in creating resiliency in your investments.

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National Gold Consultants specialize in advisor-based investing. We work with both RIA firms and independent agents. Contact us today to find out if your firm is part of our network or how to obtain OBA status with your current RIA. -We provide training and assistance so you can knowledgeably and easily act in the best interest of each of your clients as you diversify their portfolios.

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RIA Firms

More clients are asking advisors how to invest in precious metals. With our help, your advisors can be fully equipped to make all your clients' investment goals a reality. Partnering with National Gold Consultants allows your advisors to seamlessly include physical gold and silver in client portfolios, creating an additional revenue stream for your firm.  Partnerships range from a simple contract to in-depth trainings both online and in-person.

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Preparing for 2021

As the year comes to an end, I want to first thank you for being a part of our advisor community. 2020 sure has been ...
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Silver to Reach Unprecedented Highs in 2021 Due to Green Energy Projects

Historically, silver has been extremely sensitive to market changes. Considering the white metal is reactive to both economic and industrial data, silver investments can feel like ...
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What Would Buffett Do?

Swim Against the Stream For many it may seem counter-intuitive to swim against the current, however in the world of investing, those who are brave ...
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The Residual Affects of Thanksgiving Dinner…

As we are now in the full force of the Holiday Season and have just finished feasting on the bounty of our Thanksgiving dinner there ...
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Digital Currencies Threaten Dollar, not Gold

As China continues its “insurgency” against the U.S. dollar and more lawmakers push digital currencies, many are beginning to wonder how to best prepare their ...
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Goldman Sachs and History Point to Gold Increase

In a report published Friday, Goldman Sachs confirmed its original July forecast that gold would hit $2,300 per ounce in 2021. The report named one ...
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How YOU Can Win the Election

With piles of political attack ads and bickering stretching from the debate podiums to our own neighborhoods and social media pages, it’s hard to feel ...
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What Does Electing Blue or Red mean for Gold?

This week Goldman Sachs announced that a “blue wave” in which democrats win the House, White House, and Senate would result in greater economic growth, ...
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Save Money, Not Dollars

What kind of “money” are you saving? Will your portfolio’s purchasing power stand the test of time? Can it stand the test of quantitative easing? ...
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Will Silver Rocket Like Tesla?

Yes, this is a real question. Although some experts would take issue with the phrasing, saying it should read as a statement: “Silver will rocket like Tesla.” ...
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Expert Predicts up to 10% Inflation… Or Worse

Is it possible for the U.S. dollar to be at serious risk of both excessive inflation and deflation? Yes, and we are facing that risk ...
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Fed Pivots, Gold Continues Path Up

Just in time for their annual economic symposium, the Federal Reserve recently announced a surprising shift in approach and overall philosophy, stating that it will ...
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China-Russia “Dedollarization” Leads to Dollar Drop

China and Russia have continued to dump the U.S. dollar in favor of gold bullion, yuan and rubles, in essence approaching a financial alliance. This ...
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Rise in Gold or Collapse in Dollars?

Gold’s spot price passed $2,000 per ounce last week and still sits past the mark. Of course, our clients who have invested in the metal ...
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Gold Rises While Economic Recovery Reverses

The U.S. stock market has seen some relief and recovery over the last few months as businesses have reopened, but are things about to dip ...
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Silver Update

I'll have to admit, when I wrote on Monday that we will soon see upward price movements in dollars VS dimes, I didn't think it ...
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Pressure Builds for Silver Explosion

Silver’s demand has continued to rise but its price has remained relatively flat, leaving some investors perplexed and even more investors hungrier than ever for ...
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“Bounce Back” Hopes Prove False While Gold Stays True

State economies are reopening but it seems that, for many industries and many Americans, the suffering is far from over. COVID-19 continues to suppress our ...
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U.S. Dollar Collapse Now Seen as Imminent

It’s not “news” to us that the U.S. dollar is in danger. If you’ve been following our communications you’ll know we’ve been pointing out the ...
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Will Gold and Silver Dip?

As expected, gold and silver have had a great run by any standard over the last several months, with the former up 17.5% from March ...
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All Confidence Has Been Lost… Except For Gold’s.

2020 has been a year of lost confidence – in health, in safety, in healthcare, in civil authority and in the economy. With unrest in ...
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NGC assists financial advisors, individual clients, and RIA firms in investing Non-Qualified Funds and IRAs into physical gold and silver. NGC is licensed and bonded through the State of Minnesota and values responsibility and integrity. NGC believes that tangible assets belong in every portfolio.

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