Silver Set to Blast Off

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Silver Set to Blast Off

Silver Set to Blast Off

As you approach investments and consider carefully where to place your hard-earned wealth, one of the questions to consider is which investment vehicle will give you the greatest return on your investment? Currently, most markets have peaked. Stock markets are at all-time highs, the Real estate market is the same, and commodities are soaring. Buy low, sell high, is the mantra investors know and hold to be true, but it can be difficult to follow in this current investment environment.

However, there is one investment opportunity that still has tremendous growth potential that has remained incredibly undervalued over the past 40 years and that is silver.

This past year, silver outperformed gold significantly, and is poised to continue that trend in 2021 as well. The gold-silver ratio fell last year from 123 down to 64. Additionally, silver is up by 60% since last spring as well.

While silver has been performing extremely well, it still has tremendous room for future growth. When compared to other similar commodity prices since the 1980s, silver is the only commodity that has actually experienced a negative change in that time frame. This means, while other commodities may be peaking out, silver can only move upward in value and price as its usefulness grows with green energy, industrial uses, and its historical use as a precious metal and wealth protection for investment portfolios.

Take a look at this comparison chart from

It only takes a quick glance to recognize that every single metal is up from the 1980s until 2021, except for silver.

If you were to take that same approach and look at silver in comparison to food, most food commodities show gains since 1980s, only silver and coffee appear to lag behind the pack.

Most importantly is a comparison to other investment vehicles such as Stocks and Real Estate. According to Yahoo Finance, Since the 1980s:

The S&P 500 has a 2,703.6% gain, The DOW 981.6% gain, Real Estate is up by 399.8% and once again silver lags behind at it’s -43% change. Bearing in mind, we are only factoring in spot price for gold and silver.

If you were one of the fortunate few who got in on Bitcoin right out of the gates, Bitcoin has had the most remarkable gain over time at a change of 1,395,414,534.1%. Interestingly enough, many of those Bitcoin holders have recognized the white metal for its growth potential and have cashed in some of their profits to purchase silver while prices remain unnaturally low.

When you look at this entire picture, it just doesn’t make sense for silver to continue to maintain negative gains going forward. With its tremendous usefulness in cell phone components, medical devices and solar energy, silver is highly sought after in the manufacturing sector. In fact, demand has been far exceeding supply for some time now, making it increasingly difficult for investors to get their hands on the physical metal. It is only a matter of time before silver closes the gap in its ratio to gold and begins to outperform other assets and commodities that have already reached their peak. As we mentioned at the beginning, one of the basic rule of investing is to buy low and sell high. Silver fits that bill when most other assets are heading towards bubble territory at an alarming rate.

Now is your chance to get in on this opportunity while you still can and while supplies lasts. The window for silver investments is quickly closing, so take advantage of it while it remains open. Remember this: spot price and physical price have similarities. However, the physical price cannot be manipulated and is starting to have a handsome return here in 2021.

I get asked this every day – where is gold and silver going to go from here? Gold and silver will go where it needs to go to keep up with current purchasing power. In theory, precious metals cannot go down over a long trend until they stop printing money and until the debt goes away. I’ll be honest… I laughed when I typed that… When is that going to happen?

Gold and silver are screaming, “3….2….1…. blast off!!”

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