JP Morgan, one of the largest financial institutions in the world, is hoarding more than 133 million ounces of physical silver and is still actively purchasing. JP Morgan had zero ounces back in 2011 and just six short years later, it holds more physical silver than the Hunt brothers held in the 1980s – futures and physical silver combined.
The Hunt brothers tried to corner the silver market back in the ‘80s and held two-thirds of the world’s silver market in future contracts. During one short year, we saw the price of silver move from $6 per ounce to $50.42. They later were bankrupted and fined enormously when the government discovered the ploy and decided to step in to prevent further manufactured manipulation.
Theoretically, the Hunt brothers may have been just fine if they had chosen to stockpile physical silver instead of paper, much like JP Morgan is choosing today. JP Morgan has accumulated more than the Hunt brothers did over a decade and have done it all in physical silver and are ready to reap the rewards.
Metals are seemingly under constant duress with propped equity markets, the petro-yuan, treasury yields and more, but those are the only pressures that we have visibility into. Even with the “constant pressure,” gold and silver still managed a respectable 14% return last year. What is happening behind the scenes that JP Morgan sees but we cannot? Could the silver market be under pressure from big banks like JP Morgan forcing prices low as they continue to accumulate? Do you think the government will step in when they realize JP Morgan is doing similar things as the Hunt brothers whom they fined and forced into bankruptcy? No, I doubt it. I would even go as far to think that there is some collusion between the two.
The silver prices have been manipulated and held low for several years now and are, in my opinion, rock bottom and facing a large break out. A break out that the “big banks” have readied themselves for. Have you made yourself ready? I have been purchasing silver at an accelerated rate, but after I discovered this, I now have the “pedal to the metal” because I do not want to be left broke when this wealth transfer from equity and cash to precious metal happens.
Does JP Morgan manage any of your funds? They see the volatility in the markets and the impending wealth transfer, do you? Last week we saw the Dow drop 700+ points before the close of the week, which is just a preview of how fast things can change.  Do you think that big banks will be high and dry like those who aren’t positioned correctly will be? No. Please heed my words and the actions of JP Morgan and prepare yourself for silver’s big breakthrough and ultimately the next market pull back.Silver