As the year comes to an end, I want to first thank you for being a part of our advisor community. 2020 sure has been an “interesting” year and I expect 2021 to be no different.


As we move into 2021, I want to encourage all of you to take a look at your clients (and yourself) and make sure they own enough physical gold and silver. If your client owns a 500K home but only has it insured for 250K, that defies logic. Think of gold and silver the same way.


Is 5-10% enough?


History has shown us that 20% is the optimal allocation in gold and silver during the “normal” times. Is 2021 going to be normal? I’m not optimistic at all. The Fed added 10T to its balance sheet in 2020. Will this type of currency printing be the new norm?


When you figure in the gross monetary debasement, a stock market bubble, real estate bubble, geopolitical conflicts, covid – the list goes on. The argument to have at least 10-20% of gold and silver is not only easy to make… It’s common sense.


I challenge you this year to bring up gold and silver to every one of your clients. It’s one of the easiest conversations you will have. If you do not feel confident to have this conversation or just want to learn more, we have extensive advisor training available on demand for you. This training consists of 15+ years of advisor experience with answers to every question your clients will have.


Please reach out to me directly and I can make sure you have it during the New Year break.