Market Watch: China Still Buying Gold, Interest Rates and Inflation

October 23, 2018

The demand for gold is still on the rise in China as its government continues to shift from using the precious metal as a basic commodity to treating it as a currency backer and a store of value. Chinese central banks are now in the top 10 global holders of gold, and even Chinese public…

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Flash Alert! Stocks Slide and Gold Climbs

October 17, 2018

After tumbling 831 points yesterday, The DJIA did it again and fell more than 600 points, briefly dipping under 25,000 this afternoon. However, it clawed back to 25,052 to close out the day. That is more than a 546-point loss. We haven’t seen these levels since February. Just like that, in two days, the DJIA…

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JP Morgan is Long on Silver

October 11, 2018

For those of you who do not know, JP Morgan (JPM) is holding the world’s largest stockpile of physical silver, having amassed over 750 million physical ounces. Over the last six weeks alone, JPM has accumulated more than 21 million ounces.   This brings a few questions to mind: How was JPM able to accumulate…

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Purchasing Power vs. Inflation

September 26, 2018

Since the creation of the Federal Reserve in 1913, the US Dollar has lost purchasing power. By the year 2013, the US Dollar had lost 95%. Rampant inflation continued over the next five years, and the percentage rose to 98%. This equates to a 60% loss in just the those few years. Economist calculate these…

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Gold & Real Estate Value Cycle

September 13, 2018

It is impossible for anyone to time financial markets. Deciding when to buy and sell often becomes an emotional decision because even the most skilled economists can only speculate what the future holds. This is one of the major reasons why we encourage our advisors to equip their clients with wealth insurance – an educated…

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Gold and Silver, for Conservative and Fearless Investors Alike

July 30, 2018

Have you ever had a client in your office who wished he or she had bought a particular stock before it had its big break out? When studying stock charts that show dramatic performance, clients often forget that it would have been seen as an unpopular and maybe even laughable decision to invest in that…

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Gold and Silver is Not an Investment

June 21, 2018

This last week, I was on a phone call with an advisor and his client who was interested in gold and silver. Regardless of case size, I enjoy jumping on conference calls. It reminds me of years ago when I was focused on my own personal production. This conference call, however, went a little differently…

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Canadians Strengthen Their Position in GLD

June 15, 2018

According to Bobby Eng, head of SPDR ETF business development, our neighbors to the north tend to be more sophisticated and conservative investors. When I first heard that I began reading further on the subject, finding an article published by Neils Christensen for Kitco News that explored the reality of heavy-hitting Canadian asset managers turning…

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Trade War on Hold… Metal Pull Back

May 21, 2018

A recent push for peace amidst the ongoing trade war gave the stock market yet another big boost. Meanwhile, gold and silver stay suppressed at what I believe to be their bottom. As I write, gold is currently standing at $1,292 and silver at $16.58. However, not all is lost in the commodities markets with…

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