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The Banking Liquidity Crisis Begins

October 14, 2019

“Among the tools used by the Federal Reserve System to achieve its monetary policy objectives is the temporary addition or subtraction of reserve balances via repurchase and reverse repurchase agreements in the open market.” – Last week the Federal Reserve responded to a bout of volatility in the money markets by injecting $30 billion…

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Research Trusts Gold Over Bonds

September 27, 2019

Most financial advisors who work for the major firms tend to advise clients to have a 60/40 ratio of stocks to bonds. They use the stock allocation to grow the portfolio and utilize bonds as stability. However, research from GraniteShares found that replacing bonds with gold and silver tends to mitigate risk more efficiently and…

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Writing on the Wall says “Gold”

September 5, 2019

Gold prices continue to gain momentum and are even gaining mainstream media coverage. Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell continues to help matters by indicating in his last discourse that the Federal Reserve would continue to do what is necessary to keep propping up the U.S. economy. In his annual remarks at Jackson Hole last week,…

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Have You Missed the Boat in Gold and Silver?

August 23, 2019

The Dow is down over 500 points today. Coupled with the recent gains in gold and silver, I have been fielding several phone calls from advisors asking the same question: “Have I missed the boat on gold and silver?” All of these advisors have clients who have been waiting, analyzing and watching the gold and…

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Gold Shines Bright With New Highs

August 13, 2019

The gold market fuse has been lit, boasting new highs for 2019 at $1,532 an ounce. For those of you who are not paying attention, this is a 26.93% increase in the last year! On Aug. 6, 2018, the spot price was $1,207, and today it reached as high as $1,532 before pulling back from…

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Gold On The Move

July 9, 2019

Gold prices have finally broken out of the chains of the range-bound, floor-testing pricing pattern, and have moved north to test new limits. This just may be signaling a sizeable multi-year rally to come. This transition comes at an interesting time when some analysts had settled into the idea that precious metals would continue to…

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Silver Below Cost But Soon To Shine

June 25, 2019

First quarter results are in for silver mining companies and the data is alarming. The most profitable silver mining companies are now mining silver at a $2 loss per ounce! What makes this even more concerning is that if the oil prices continue to rise while the silver price remains low, the mining companies’ figures…

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*Flash Alert*

June 21, 2019

Gold and silver are moving rapidly to the upside. What a difference a mere day makes! On Wednesday our Federal Reserve changed their language on our economy from “patient” to “unsettled.” The markets are 100% certain the Fed will cut rates as early as July. What does that mean for gold and silver? This simply…

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What Gold Will Do When They Cut Rates

June 11, 2019

For many years, barometers have been used in forecasting weather outcomes and patterns. A barometer that has a high reading (meaning high pressure) and is stable, indicates good weather. A barometer that is falling indicates that a low-pressure system is moving in, and you can expect the weather to become less favorable. Similarly, we can use a barometer to forecast the U.S.…

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