Posted April 07, 2020 in News

Gold and Silver Prices Are Not What They Seem

If you were to search for the spot price of gold and (especially) silver, you would notice they haven’t done a whole lot. In fact, you might even notice that the price of silver has gone down. This appears to be the end of the paper gold and silver era. Let me explain…


We have been experiencing unprecedented demand for both physical gold and silver. However, my company is not the only one out there experiencing the same demand. This is a world-wide supply crunch.


In these unprecedented times, the flee towards safety has begun. Would you want to own an ounce of paper (stock) gold knowing there is no physical supply? Better yet, knowing there is no physical supply, would you want that paper gold ounce when 200+ other investors claim “ownership” of that same ounce?


For those of you out there that have been waiting to acquire Wealth Insurance or have been waiting to advise clients into physical gold and silver, I wouldn’t wait a day longer. You cannot buy physical gold and silver at the paper price you see on your screen. My company is still fortunate to find physical gold and silver for clients due to our large inventory that we carry although it is getting extremely tough.


The supply shortage that we are currently in doesn’t rival 2008, it surpasses it and then some. This could be one of the most important time in history to own physical metals. Please do not wait.