Gold and silver are moving rapidly to the upside. What a difference a mere day makes! On Wednesday our Federal Reserve changed their language on our economy from “patient” to “unsettled.” The markets are 100% certain the Fed will cut rates as early as July.
What does that mean for gold and silver? This simply means this could be the jolt gold and silver need to begin their massive run upwards. I have been talking about this for months and is finally coming to fruition. Gold is within a few dollars from cresting over $1400 – something we haven’t seen in over 6 years. Next stop – $1700.
This would be a logical time to let your clients know about your gold and silver resource before it’s too late. Believe me, they are already hearing about gold and silver as it’s starting to take over headlines. Assist your client’s in achieving Wealth Insurance and help position them in physical gold and silver before this next recession is upon us.