Financial Advisor-Based Tangible Asset Providers

NGC specializes in collaborating with financial advisors and appreciates the fiduciary responsibility to care for client wealth. Physical gold and silver belong in every portfolio and prepare investment portfolios to withstand volatile economic changes. As a financial advisor contracted with National Gold Consultants, advisors receive coaching and support to assist clients in obtaining tangible assets.

We provide knowledge and tools to help improve existing client relationships and bring you more leads. By supporting advisors' practice management, we equip you with knowledge, setting you apart from the competition. In an ever-changing world, offering precious metals is more important than ever. Gallop polls indicate 1:8 clients either have gold and silver or want it in their portfolio. Precious metals generate returns in both deflationary and inflationary environments.

National Gold Consultants work with many RIAs. Please contact NGC today to determine if your firm is already on our network or to learn how to obtain OBA status with your current RIA. We work with hundreds of independent financial advisors and look forward to equipping you to responsibly diversify your clients' wealth.

Practice Management Support

➤ Training

  • Workshops
  • Webinars
  • Phone support
  • Advisor-exclusive content

➤ Relevancy

  • Up-to-date information

➤ Communication

  • Confidence to communicate
  • Personal conference calls


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NGC assists financial advisors, individual clients, and RIA firms in investing Non-Qualified Funds and IRAs into physical gold and silver. NGC is licensed and bonded through the State of Minnesota and values responsibility and integrity. NGC believes that tangible assets belong in every portfolio.

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