National Gold Consultants Assist Clients in Diversifying and Protecting Financial Portfolios with Precious Metal IRAs

By recognizing the uniqueness of each financial portfolio and situation, We at NGC understand that each client requires individual diversification techniques. A "one size fits all" approach should not be utilized with retirement assets and the same thinking applies to tangible gold and silver placement. We assess your long-term goals regarding asset allocation and tailor a recommendation of the appropriate products for you.

Purchasing gold and silver independently can be overwhelming, especially when investing with funds from your IRAs or 401K. We take the time to guide you through one of the most important financial investments you will make. We have teams that assist you in completing the process from start to finish. 

When purchasing physical gold and silver with qualified funds, the metals must be held in a depository through a trust custodian. National Gold Consultants works exclusively with Gold Star Trust Company and the Delaware Depository because they hold the highest of reputations, the best pricing, and the best customer service. The fees associated with IRA accounts are roughly $175.00 per year depending on the size of the account. National Gold Consultants is available for the client during time of liquidation or required minimum distributions at no additional cost.

If you have a trusted advisor, please contact us to see if he or she is already a contracted agent of NGC. If you do not have an advisor working with you, we would be happy to assist you independently.





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NGC assists financial advisors, individual clients, and RIA firms in investing Non-Qualified Funds and IRAs into physical gold and silver. NGC is licensed and bonded through the State of Minnesota and values responsibility and integrity. NGC believes that tangible assets belong in every portfolio.

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