As 2019 begins, it’s a great time to reflect on 2018. We have the opportunity to examine what went well, set new goals and enjoy a fresh start. But more important than most reflections and resolutions is a reality check on the present. What is occurring now that will shape our portfolios and propel gold and silver in 2019?
The Markets
The technical analyses are showing many shifts yet to come. The daily 500 to 1,000-point swings are not healthy. In fact, this is exactly what we saw before the 2008 recession and plunge. Depending on which index we are looking at, we have seen 15% to 20% losses in equity markets since October 1. If history is any lesson, it appears there could be a massive global correction on the horizon within the next two years.
Problems continue to persist worldwide with issues in the Middle East, the European Union and an ongoing trade war with China. Each is a powder keg that is sure to blast our economy if ignited with just a single spark.
The Economy
The fundamentals for our economy are extremely weak and fragile. Do not let the cheerleaders from your favorite news station tell you otherwise. We are still in the midst of a government shutdown and the Department of Agriculture said that if it continues into February they will not be able to pay the 40 million Americans their allotted food stamps. In truth, nearly every economy worldwide is in a slowdown. CNN recently stated that China is in the worst slowdown since 1990.
With all of these things in mind, our reality check on the present isn’t quite as optimistic as we might have automatically assumed – until we consider gold and silver. The same catalysts that can set the equity markets into massive lows will also propel gold and especially silver higher in 2019 and beyond.
With their inverse relationship to the equity markets, real estate and the dollar, it’s no secret that we’re looking for a massive rally in the gold and silver prices this year. Your clients may already be looking to purchase precious metal, but do they know they can do it through you? We have seen clients who purchased precious metal from companies that took advantage of them. Make sure this doesn’t happen to your clients by reaching out to them. We can provide pre-written letters and emails that let them know you have a resource for gold and silver at a time when it is so strategically significant to their portfolios.
It’s the metals market’s turn to shine. Are your clients prepared?